What Causes Static On Intercom Systems?

gate intercom installationStatic is not an uncommon issue with intercom systems. It can be caused by almost anything but the good news is, some causes are easy to fix on your own. Read on to know the possible causes of static on your intercom system.

  • Interference

It’s almost strange that an intercom which is a closed system can have issues with interference. To know if interference is your culprit, check your environment for the electrical appliances around. Do some testing by disconnecting and reconnecting the appliance or appliances found to see if the static stops and starts. If the appliances are responsible for the interference, then check if your equipment is properly grounded.

Another source of interference can be a radio broadcasting near the system. The radio frequency may interfere with your intercom system, but this particular issue dissipates as soon as the radio moves away.

  • Equipment

Your intercom system may be its own problem. Sometimes as the intercom ages, its parts can develop wear. So the wiring may start to show the signs by causing static. Aside from age, moisture, pests, or damage in the intercom’s wiring can lead to static on the system.

In this way, an intercom can help you discover even bigger problems in your electrical connection. Problems with the connection where the intercom is plugged can manifest as static. If left unattended, the issue could damage the intercom. Fixing the circuit can help clear up the static.

Static is only one of the issues an intercom system can have. Others include humming noises and power supply failures.

While using some tips above to fix the static problem might be sufficient, others will require an intercom repair professional. You can contact a professional to explain the problem and get insight on if it can be fixed or if your system probably needs a replacement.