Valencia Security System: Even the Animals Feels Safer

As we unlocked the door and entered the house, my granddaughter and I were ready to relax after arriving back home in Valencia from our visit to the zoo. It did not take long to notice that things were not right. We both looked down the hallway to the bedrooms and saw that not only was my bedroom door open, which was not typical, but so was the door to the linen closet. That was very weird. She was only six years old, but the first thing out of her mouth was, “Grandma, I think someone came in here while we were gone.” As perplexed as I was, I answered with, “Nah, it must have been the cat.” Poor cat gets blamed for everything, and rightly so. She can get a bit psychotic at times, and when that happens, rugs get moved and plants get knocked over. However, I had never seen her open a totally closed door.

As you might have guessed, I had no home security system. Maybe I still live in the dark ages where people left their doors unlocked without a thought. There was no alarm system or surveillance devices in my home at all. Funny, I had just read the other day that over 85 per cent of home burglaries are preventable, but I had always brushed off the idea of finding a technician to install a security system in Valencia. As we checked out the house it appeared as though nothing was missing; televisions, computers and even a camera in my office were all still there. Gee, it really was the cat. Then, I took a closer look at my bedroom. Jewelry boxes were strewn across the floor and I could not find a few rings that I knew were there that morning. Then the worst part — missing from the headboard was my IPod. Even though I still wanted to blame the cat, I knew I had been burglarized. Further investigation revealed they had come in through my locked, back sliding glass door, after they jumped my very high, locked back gate.

Things to do: report the event to police, evaluate what is missing and look up online “home security Valencia CA.” By the time I finished my list, I had a police officer at my front door, the one with no entry door security measures. I filed a report including listing all that was missing. He gave me some tips on how to prevent future events and asked if I had considered having a security system installed. I confessed that until today I really had not. He wondered if I knew of any Valencia home security companies, and I told him I had found one on the internet that looked pretty good. When I gave him the name, Secure Tech, he nodded and said, “Good choice.”

Home security in Valencia, CA had never been that important to me. Now I do believe those statistics about a burglary being preventable. Thanks to the Valencia home security experts at Secure Tech, I have been thoroughly wrapped in a security blanket. When I first looked at their website, I thought my house might be too small of a job for them since they are experts in everything from closed circuit television systems to industrial security systems. However, my home now has a complete alarm system, just right for my personal needs. There is no question that my “home security Valencia” search led me the right direction. I have to admit that I like the feeling of being more safe than sorry. Even my cat is enjoying the peace of mind.

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