Valencia Home Security Experts Explain How Your Alarm System Works

On its most basic level, your home security system requires only a power source and a working phone line. Your security system will plug into your electrical system for power and connect to your telephone line to notify the proper place in the event of a security event. Some alarm systems will support a completely unmonitored setup, where preprogrammed phone numbers can be called under certain circumstances. When you choose to have your Valencia home security system monitored, your third party monitoring service will be contacted whenever your security has been breached.

Basic Security
Your alarm control panel is connected to a variety of sensors that are placed throughout your house which are designed to detect a break-in. The most basic type of protection is a magnetic entry detection device. These sensors are made of two magnets that connect to either side of a door or a window. Whenever the door or window is opened, the electromagnetic connection is severed, breaking the circuit. When this happens, a signal is sent to your control panel that this connection is open. If your alarm is armed, then an audible alert will sound and the appropriate authorities will be called. Some alarms are equipped with a chime that will let you know of any opened doors or windows whenever the alarm is not armed.

When installing your security system Valencia, it is important to choose the level of monitoring and security that works best for your home and the area that you live in. At Secure Tech we specialize in installing basic alarm systems, surveillance Valencia systems and all other security related technologies. With the proper technology and high quality support, your home will remain safe and secure whether you are home or not.