Gate Entry & Intercom

Gate Entry & Intercom

Intercom systems are an “active” security measure which allows you to interact with visitors in a safe manner; you can decide the best action for each visitor while avoiding direct contact with unwanted visitors. In addition to higher security you also enjoy convenience and enhance your privacy. Many intercom systems offer a wide range of additional features such as remotely operating doors and gates, connecting through your phone system and communicating throughout the residence or business.

Secure Tech technicians are intercom specialists.  We can install new systems or upgrade your old, outdated intercom to brand new condition; we can even repair your obsolete system, that no other company will dare touch and offer an extended warranty.  We install wired systems as well as entry systems that connect by telephone.

With decades of direct experience in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of all types of intercom systems, Secure Tech is uniquely qualified to help you decide on an intercom installation plan that will best meet your needs.

Our experience includes:

  • Intercom systems for commercial, industrial and other business applications.
  • Residential intercom with an emphasis on estates and high-end homes.
  • Condominium and apartment building intercom systems.

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