Security System: Professional vs. DIY

security system repairStatistics say there are about 2 million burglaries in the United States each year. Shocking, but not quite when you know that only 17% of homes in the country have any type of security system. Burglars get into homes through various entry points and with no alarm or security systems to deter such activities in your home, it’s easy to become a statistic.

Knowing how critical the situation is, you have two major options for security systems. These are professional or DIY installations. The quickest thing most people think about these home security options is that DIY installations are cheaper and easier. While this isn’t wrong, it’s not advisable to choose between both options using price alone. Read on as we break down the pros and cons of each.

Professional Security System

A professional security system provides benefits that outweigh the initial costs. You can get more from the installation and home security systems installed. Here are the pros associated with a professional security system;

  • You can get indoor and outdoor security cameras and sensors for every door and window regardless of the size of your home.
  • There will be a scheduled appointment with a professional installer to explain your options.
  • There will be installation costs, but lower up-front equipment costs.
  • You won’t require a tool belt.
  • They include a security assessment in your service.
  • They provide system tutorial to walk you through how it all works.
  • You can rest and save your time while the professional installer installs the security cameras and all the security systems.
  • Many security companies offer same-day service and installation.
  • An experienced technician on site can troubleshoot problems and ensure the system is efficient.
  • The technician can walk you through everything, including more suggestions for home security and using the app.
  • The technician can conduct a security assessment.

As sweet as these pros sound there are cons that might stand out for you;

  • There are installation fees to be paid
  • You have to make the time to let a stranger into your home.
  • Professional security systems often require contracts.
  • This option may not work for renters or tenants.

DIY Security System

Going DIY is not without its perks. Here are the pros that make this an appealing option for many homes;

  • No installation fees but higher up-front equipment costs
  • No interruptions in your schedule and you control your time for the installation.
  • Wires are not involved, and this works better for most renters.
  • You don’t need to let strangers in your home.
  • No contracts required.
  • Easy to install and you can chat with a technician if there’s any confusion.
  • You save money and learn something new while at it.

The cons or disadvantages to this include;

  • You do the work.
  • If you have a bigger house, it will take some time.
  • Higher up-front equipment costs.
  • No professional expertise.
  • You can get maybe one indoor security camera.
  • The DIY security system is a simple system with a few windows and door sensors.

What you chose should be what’s most suitable for you and your home security.

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