Santa Clarita Home Security – Discouraging Break-ins

One of the greatest inventions in home security was the introduction of the deadbolt in the 1960s. After this much more secure locking mechanism became standard on most exterior doors, residential burglaries dropped dramatically. As technology has advanced, the widespread use of the electronic security system has further helped to lower the amount of break-ins that occur in the United States each year.

Despite the fact that advancements in home security have greatly helped to secure our homes, there are still staggering number of residential burglaries each year. To make matters worse, this type of crime is particularly hard for authorities to track, making it difficult to put the perpetrators behind bars. That being said, there are many things that you can do to greatly lower your chances of being the victim of a break-in. In addition to installing a security system Santa Clarita, think about the simple steps below.

Lock Up

One of the most important steps that you can take is to lock every point of entry to your home. Believe it or not, many break-ins are not the result of a forced entry. In most cases, someone is able to walk, climb or crawl into a home with little or no resistance. To prevent this, make sure that all windows and doors are locked when you leave. Always close your garage door, even if you’re just leaving for a short time. You should also avoid leaving a “hidden” spare key anywhere on the outside of your property. Chances are someone can find it if they are determined enough.

One of the most important parts of securing your home is being aware of all of the possible entry points. By increasing the time it could take a potential burglar to enter your home, you greatly increase their chances of being seen. As a result, you lower your chances of them choosing your home as their next target. If you find that your home is a frequent target of break-in or vandalism, Secure Tech highly recommends that you install a system designed for surveillance Santa Clarita. For more tips, information and advice, visit our site at at your convenience.