Home Security in Santa Clarita — Your Safety Checklist

Secure Tech, a Santa Clarita home security firm, knows from experience that no residence, even in a lovely area like Santa Clarita CA, is immune from criminal interference. Many people believe that living in a good neighborhood is sufficient to protect their families and possessions, but crime statistics reveal the not-so-surprising fact that thieves like to break in and steal from people who have nice things.

So, how would you rate your home security in Santa Clarita CA? Here is a checklist that can help you determine if your home is properly protected.

1) Do you have a way to clearly identify individuals prior to allowing access to your home or property? The best approach for this depends in part upon your property layout. Access gates are much more effective with voice intercom systems. You can also add video surveillance for Santa Clarita homes which are a great deterrent against unwanted intruders.

2) Can you see from inside who is standing on the other side of the door? A two way intercom and a Santa Clarita surveillance camera provides peace of mind when the door bell rings.

3) How is your home protected when you’re away? Can a burglar come through your back windows unimpeded? Studies confirm the fact that homes with alarm systems are significantly less likely to be broken into than a home without an alarm. With so many houses to choose, from a thief is willing to pass up locations with alarms for others homes without home surveillance in Santa Clarita.

4) Video surveillance in both front and back areas of your home is especially effective in reducing the likelihood of unwanted intrusion. In addition, it provides a vivid record to assist law enforcement agencies in pursuing anyone who makes an attempt to break into your property.

5) A complete Santa Clarita home security system should include magnetic sensors on windows and doors or vibration sensors on the points of access which will alert you or the company monitoring your home to an attempted break in.

6) Do you already have a security system in your Santa Clarita CA home? If so, has it been maintained? Do you test the alarm system as recommended? If your system is based on batteries, when was the last time you changed them? If you have an electric system, does it have a battery backup so you are protected during power outages or if your lines are intentionally cut? If you have a system that has been in place for a long period of time your needs may have changed. A Santa Clarita home security specialist can help you assess your system and security priorities.

Secure Tech wants to keep your home and family safe by providing a customized Santa Clarita home security system for you. If your home has an existing system their technicians can evaluate the components, make any necessary repairs or suggest possible upgrades to meet changing needs. Call them today — there’s no need to search any further for home security Santa Clarita in order to have your home security evaluation.

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