Santa Clarita Home Security Firm Shares Tips on Crime Prevention

Does crime only occur in neighborhoods with a high incidence of drug or gang involvement?  “Absolutely not”, is the answer given by Secure Tech, a home security contractor in Santa Clarita, CA.  Many crimes are crimes or opportunity, or those which occur on the spur of the moment, and people tend to associate these with “higher crime” neighborhoods.  But it is a serious mistake to believe that your home is secure simply because you know your neighbors or live in an upper or middle income neighborhood.

Any Property is Vulnerable

Professional thieves, those who support themselves by stealing what other people have worked to earn, go to the neighborhoods where they will find things worth stealing.  They will also target homes and businesses that are unprotected; those without home security.  Santa Clarita is not immune from robbery and assault, but perpetrators generally want to get away undetected so they look for homes with easy access.  This includes properties without surveillance in Santa Clarita CA.

To determine how vulnerable you are, conduct a survey of your home security in Santa Clarita CA.  Do you have alarm systems?  Is there entry door security which allows you to identify the person at the door without giving them access to the property?  If someone breaks into your property when you are away, is there a Santa Clarita home security company that will notice the intrusion and send the police?  If your property is set back away from the road, is there a surveillance video camera that lets you see who is approaching?

What are the best security systems in Santa Clarita CA?

The best home security system for your Santa Clarita CA home depends upon the property itself.  For some, the system may be as simple as installing burglar alarms.  Studies such as the one conducted by Rutgers University show a significant, measureable decrease in crime in neighborhoods which had an increased number of home burglar alarms.  The reason seems obvious, but it’s great to know that facts support the assumption.

Front door security is another vital consideration.  Every home should have a way to identify callers without unlocking and opening the doors, and this can be accomplished through a variety of systems including keyhole windows, intercom systems, and intercom video surveillance.  If your property has a gate at the front of the driveway, you might want to have entry gate intercoms or entry gate surveillance systems installed by a contractor who specializes in business or home security systems in Santa Clarita, CA.

Some areas, such as multi-family units, businesses or areas with parking lots and garages can significantly reduce crime with surveillance cameras.  In fact, several major cities have installed surveillance video cameras in public housing areas and residents have enjoyed decreases in crime ranging from 10% to 37%, depending upon the area.

So how do you choose your Santa Clarita home security system?  The best way is to speak with a professional security contractor, such as Security Tech of Santa Clarita.  They can examine your home or business, discuss your security goals and risks, and then show you the different options available.  Their expert low-voltage security technicians are trained to install any necessary wiring, surveillance and alarm systems or other security enhancements you need to make your home and business a safe, secure environment.

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