San Fernando Valley Home Security – 2 Tips to Secure Your Home

Believe it or not, a home is broken into in the United States nearly every 15 seconds. This not only robs the homeowners of much of their hard-earned property, but also of their sense of safety and peace of mind. You may believe your home is safe; so did many of the over 2 million home invasion victims in 2005. An experienced burglar, however, can break into even the most seemingly secure home. Although you may have taken many steps to ensure the security of your home, most homes still have weak points that can be avoided. Here are three tips to help out.

Obvious Monitoring

Even if you have your security system San Fernando installed, activated and monitored, you are missing out on one of its main features if you are not notifying the outside world. It’s true that the signs and window stickers can stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise great looking landscape design. By notifying would-be burglars that your home is protected,  however, you can deter many from even attempting.

Strategic Lighting

Home invaders thrive in darkness. Stop them in their tracks by lighting up otherwise dark areas at night. Although many burglaries happen in broad daylight, you can greatly increase the security of your home by lighting up any dark, shadowed areas. Furthermore, this will allow any systems that you have installed for surveillance San Fernando Valley to see better, and take better images of those who would try to break in.

When using these tips in conjunction with the help of the expert security team at Secure Tech, you can greatly increase the overall security of your home. To get in touch with us, or read some of our home security resources, head on over to our main page at