San Fernando Valley Home Security – Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

While your home may be a target for break-ins when you are at home, you are at a much greater risk of becoming a target when you are away, especially for an extended period of time. One of the most important things to do while away, in addition to activating your security system San Fernando, is to make your home appear inhabited even though it is not. In order to do this, there are a number of steps that you can take, that will help keep your home from appearing unoccupied, thereby lowering its risk of becoming a target.

Trash and Mail
One clear sign that a home is uninhabitated is a collection of mail, newspapers and trash that has not been taken to the curb for pickup. If you are going to be away for several days, you should either have your mail picked up by a neighbor, or have your service temporarily stopped. Most newspapers and post offices can easily stop your mail and papers from arriving during a specified time so that they do not collect, advertising your absence. Similarly, you should have a neighbor place your trash by the curb at the normal times so that this does not give your home away.

Assorted Tips

  •  Set lights on timers so that they will turn on and off at regular times. You can have them turn on in the morning and off in the evening.
  • If you can, leave one of your cars in the driveway. A car left in the driveway normally signals that somebody is at home.
  • Have your home security or surveillance San Fernando Valley home security system checked before you leave to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

The best case scenario for home safety is to have someone stay at your home while you are away. At Secure Tech, we know that this is not always a possibility. When you are not able to do this, follow the above tips to help keep your home as safe as possible.