Intercom Issues: Power

intercom power issues

Video intercom in the entry of a house

Intercoms are a valuable addition to the home, but when intercom issues such as power come up, they reduce the functionality of the device. Your first thoughts may be to call on an expert or throw the faulty intercom out for a new one.

However, simple troubleshooting tips can help you get ahead of the problem and get your intercom working perfectly in no time. It may surprise you to find that the problem is nothing more than a defective outlet or improperly plugged adapter.

The best part is, you don’t need to be an expert on electronics to use these troubleshooting tips and solve your intercom power issues.

STEP 1 – Take a look at the manual.

Electronics like your intercom system come with a manual. The manual is often simple enough to understand, and it gives directions on various issues that concern using, installing, and troubleshooting your intercom system. Look to the troubleshooting section and follow the directions to see if you can find the problem.

This troubleshooting section usually includes information on identifying the source of various problems with the intercom and solving them too. If the manual doesn’t help get everything back to normal, then we can move on to step 2.

STEP 2 – The power.

Power is vital for your intercom system to work, and most times when your intercom system seems damaged, the issue could be nothing more than a simple power problem. First, check the intercom to see if the power indicator is lit. A home intercom system receives power from a 12V DC adapter and it may not be plugged it the right way. Check that the adapter is plugged in and switched on the ON position.

If you have done these and the intercom still won’t work, then there are a few other possibilities. Try plugging the device elsewhere using another outlet. Confirm that these outlets are working with other devices first. Check your electrical panel for any breakers are in the OFF position. You can try switching such breakers on and see if there are any changes.

Most adapters are built with a safety mechanism that kicks in to protect the system from damage during power surges. If the safety mechanism has tripped off, you can restore the system by resetting the adapter.

If none of these work, your device may be faulty and due for a replacement or professional assistance. Contact a local Santa Clarita electrician to come and take a look. Secure Tech can troubleshoot your intercom with ease and recommend the best course of action!