Intercom Issues: Noises

intercom issues noiseIntercoms are great for communicating between spaces. They are straightforward enough and a good investment of your time and money. While intercoms may hardly need maintenance, even those installed by the best technicians can develop an issue or two.

One of the most common intercom issues is noise. This noise can occur as static or a humming sound. When this happens, it doesn’t mean your intercom was defective or not installed properly. Usually, identifying the source of the problem helps to choose a solution. Here are the major causes of noise as an intercom issue.

  1. Interference
    Interference can easily affect an intercom when it’s caused by other electrical appliances nearby. To identify if this is the source of the problem check all the electrical devices in the same location as the intercom. Unplug them one at a time and note if the noise stops with any particular appliance unplugged. If you can identify the culprit, then check for grounding of that appliance.

    Another source of interference could be a radio broadcasting nearby. It’s possible if someone or a utility worker is in that proximity with a two-way radio. If such radio is the cause of the interference, you can simply sit tight until the radio moves elsewhere. The problem would stop then.

  2. Power supply

    Intercoms are electrical devices which means they are connected to a source of power. Static or noise caused by an issue with the power connection may indicate an even deeper problem requiring the attention of a technician or electrician. Repairs to the electric connection can also solve this issue.

  3. Equipment

    It is expected that the intercom’s system would wear out with time. In some cases, the equipment getting old and worn out leads to static or noises. This just serves as a sign of the ending lifespan of the equipment. Other factors that influence the reliability of the intercom’s system like rodents, pests, moisture, and so on can damage wiring or parts of the intercom leading to the noise.

  4. When you observe these intercom issues, calling on an intercom repair expert or your previous installer is the best option. It saves you the hassle of the situation, money if a solution can be offered, and time. You can reach out to us for more information or assistance.

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