How to Use Gate Intercom Keypad

Security is a priority for homes and buildings. Hence, homeowners do a lot to guarantee the safety of their lives and property. Electricity has a large role to play in home security and most residential buildings and commercial setting, need the services of an electrician to experience the benefits of electricity in security. One of the ways electricity enhances safety is through lighting. Outdoor lighting is strategically installed to deter crime in the environment and discourage intruders. Another way is the use of alarm systems, automated security systems, and gate intercoms.

A gate intercom is installed at the gate or entrance of your home. It is used to establish communication with a visitor and grant entry to the building. Gate intercoms are used in any building and are extremely helpful for security. They come in various designs and variation such as those with two-way communication, video, fingerprints, keypads, and much more.

A gate intercom keypad is a set of keys attached to a gate intercom. It enables the owner and other familiar persons to type the password and gain entry even when there’s no one in the building. It adds extra convenience to the flexibility of gate intercoms. The keypad can stand alone or be built in, it is often weatherproof to protect the device function.

Tips for Installation

  • The outside station of the intercom should be sealed for bugs and weather. Use the proper cable and ensure the wiring is installed properly for power to reach the device.
  • Install low voltage wiring for intercoms using correct sizes of cables. Intercoms usually require 2-4 wires for the entire installations.
  • Purchase intercoms that are weather resistant for outdoor use to prevent damage.

Tips for Use

  • Inform your family members about the password and its importance.
  • Tell them how to use the intercom by simply dialing the password to gain access to the building.
  • If the password becomes compromised, it should be changed and the necessary security measures are taken.

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