How to Troubleshoot Intercom System Interference

troubleshoot intercomIntercom systems provide a very helpful way to communicate between two rooms or buildings. Reliable and always available, intercoms rarely need maintenance. Once installed properly, you can count on your intercom system to stay up and running for a long time. One issue that is likely to arise from even the best-installed intercom system is interference. The tricky part of this situation is finding the source in order to eliminate the problem.

Interference is usually displayed in the form of a static noise coming from your intercom system. There are many elements that may cause interference.

There are a few parts to an intercom that contribute to interference – a microphone, a speaker and depending on the model, a toggle switch that allows the conversation to go back and forth. As with any item, the intercom can grow old and start to wear down. Once this happens, the speaker may not work anymore. There is a sign that the system is degrading though. Before the speaker stops working, the wiring inside may cause a static noise, also known as interference. When the microphone is starting to break down, the same situation can occur.

Another possible cause of interference is pests. Bugs and rodents may cause wear and tear to your intercom system which causes a static noise. Moisture is another factor that may cause interference in your intercom system. It is also important to be careful when doing remodels or hanging items around your system as a misplaced nail can cause damage to the intercom system.

If you are experiencing interference in your intercom system, be sure to check that the power source is working properly. This is a sign that your electrical system may be overloaded or shorting out. If the power source is the problem, you may need the help of an electrician to get it working again.

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