How to Set Up a Small Business Telephone System

office telephoneWhen you are putting together a startup, there are so many things you need to organize. It’s possible to forget an efficient telephone system until the last minute. Setting up a small business telephone system can be easy and stress-free with all the right steps. At Secure Tech, we care about your business and how you can obtain security and efficiency. Here are 7 steps to setting up your business telephone system.

  1. A business number
    First, you need a business number that your customers can call. You should treat this number as a permanent business number because it is unprofessional to switch numbers on your business constantly.
  2. Establish work hours
    It is vital to establish your work hours and set boundaries with your clients. Do not overlook this step and assume that your customers know when to call. For example, an online store serves clients across different time zones and may need to be available 24/7. But if you own a local store, there would be opening and closing hours.
  3. Share the roles
    Every team member should be assigned a specific role to avoid problems and slow service. The team members responsible for receiving calls should know what inquiries they are expected to handle. They should also be trained in responding properly and professionally.
  4. Set a voicemail
    A voicemail or custom greeting message is necessary to welcome clients who call the business number. The message should be recorded with a polite tone, clear language, and suitable points to direct the customer.
  5. Add extensions
    Extensions are important in a business phone system, but may not be compulsory if you have a very small team. Extensions help clients reach out to different departments. You can set up a voicemail for each extension and ensure that other team members know who to send specific calls to.
  6. Set up a phone tree
    A phone tree is useful for both large and small businesses. It helps customers to find the services they need and place a call to the right attendant. The idea behind a phone system is to enhance your customer service and this must be done by making calls go through to the right attendant quickly.
  7. Try the setup
    After putting these factors in place, don’t forget to try it all yourself. Call all the extensions and put yourself in the place of a customer. Check how long it takes to achieve a solution from your team, the clarity of all voicemails, and the overall efficiency of the phone system. Make adjustments where needed and get started.