How Phone Intercom Systems Work

Intercom systems are installed in more homes and buildings each day. They are stand-alone communication systems that are used within a building to transmit or receive audio or video transmissions. Most intercoms are a two-way communication device.

The person who speaks into the microphone of an intercom can be heard in another room through a speaker. Intercom systems come in a variety of styles such as audio, integratable and multi-tenant, and video intercoms. The designs also vary and often come with different functionalities.

As a business owner or homeowner, you can choose from any of the following types of intercom systems. The best way to make a decision is discover one that suits your needs.

  • Wired intercoms system
    Being able to run wires between locations can give you privacy and eliminate any interference from nearby systems. There are a variety of wires to choose from for this purpose. A wired system intercom is usually best for video systems
  • Wireless intercom system
    This is very different from wired systems. There are no wires run in between locations, and you can find several forms of wireless systems in use. They include handheld radios, desktop devices, and outdoor wireless call boxes. They can transmit any form of communication, but the range may differ based on the unit. Wireless systems are also quite flexible.
  • Security intercom systems
    The location and purpose of these systems are what makes them different. You will find these intercoms connected between a locked gate or entrance and an attended point of the building. They usually come with one master station and one substation.
  • Video intercom
    This is an intercom system complete with audio (speaker), a camera, a push-button, and an internal monitor. The two-way communication is established via video and voice.
  • Apartment intercoms
    This is common in most apartment buildings. Each apartment is connected to an intercom with a button representing this apartment at the entrance. Hence, when a visitor presses the button for a specific apartment, the tenant can respond and also grant entry with the push of a button on their end.

Connecting a standard telephone to the intercom system

Some homeowners may want to improve on the convenience of their intercom system by connecting a telephone. There are a lot of factors that can affect how this works out for you. For example, you might want more than just being able to speak through the telephone you connected. It will be great to use this phone line to buzz in a visitor as well.

To do this, you need an intercom system that provides the features to make your telephone wiring responsive. If you can consider this before installing an intercom system, you can get what you are looking for. However, an already installed intercom without this feature makes it almost impossible for your dream to come true. Contact professionals in this field for advice on such situations or solutions.
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