Home Intercoms: Security Systems in 2019

home security intercomAn intercom is a device that enables two-way communication. It can be designed to receive audio and video transmissions and is often used as a security system in homes, buildings, and more. Security systems like home intercoms are important for various reasons and come in various types. Read on to learn more.

  • Increased security
    The most important benefit of a home intercom security system is to enhance security. Imagine living alone or with kids in a house that has multiple entry points. Imagine not being able to see those entry points for most parts of the day. A home intercom changes such worrying situations and puts you in charge. You can see these entry points and decide who goes in and out of your home.
  • Monitor children
    Some parents have an intercom system installed in their kids’ rooms or areas where they play. This helps you watch your kids no matter where they are. A home intercom is ideal for watching newborns when you are not in the room with them.
  • Comfort and convenience
    Who doesn’t want to sit in the comfort of their homes while opening the gates for a visitor? Home intercom systems come with great comfort and convenience. If you or your loved one are living with a disability, the convenience of a home intercom makes it easy to use even with a disability.

There are various types of intercom. They all come with their unique features and mode of operation. You can make a choice by considering factors such as your use for the home intercom, the type better suited for you, cost, and more.

  • Door and Gate Intercoms
    For many homes the gates can be quite far away. A door and gate intercom system help to bridge the gap of this distance and aid communication with anyone trying to gain access into your home. The same thing applies to the door of your house. These type of systems are often triggered when someone rings the doorbell or buzzer.
  • Wireless Intercoms
    Wireless intercoms mean exactly what they sound like. The system is set up without the hassle of wires. You can place them anywhere in the home.
  • Video Intercom
    These are some of the most sophisticated home intercoms. Video intercom allows you to both see and talk to the visitor or intruder. It is one of the best options because it boosts comfort, and security.

Installing a home intercom system

A professional should install your home intercom system. It often involves wiring, configuration, base stations, and multiple room stations and so on. A professional will carry out all the necessary steps and test the installed system to ensure it works perfectly. Home intercom systems are a significant investment that cost hundreds of dollars. The price will vary depending on the type of home system. Don’t waste your investment by trying to install the system yourself.

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