Gate Intercoms for Safety

Developments in technology have greatly influenced the way of living in the 21st century. With constant advancements in tools, devices, and so on, it is only natural to benefit from what our fast-paced world has to offer.

Intercoms are one of such devices created from technological developments. They are unique and have proven to be highly useful to homes, workplace, and much more.

An intercom is sometimes called a talkback or door phone. They can be installed in any parts of a building including gates, rooms, and doors. An intercom allows two or more people to communicate effectively without being in the same place. For example, a gate entry intercom allows homeowners or commercial buildings to communicate with visitors at the gate. The device can be connected to loudspeakers, walkie-talkie, or telephones. Intercoms can equally be linked with cameras or CCTV to give a better view of the environment.

How can gate intercoms offer safety?

  • Integration with CCTV
    Closed Circuit Television, otherwise known as CCTV cameras or video surveillance is a device that transmits videos to a set of monitors. While connected to a CCTV camera, gate intercoms provide both communication and a clear view of the person or visitor outside. Workers can use this to check IDs and make decisions on granting entry
  • Monitoring
    Gate camera intercoms have a video system that allows you to know what is going on in your front entry anytime. You can monitor suspicious movements with the device.
  • Deter crime and intruders
    Gate entry intercom can require anyone to provide a form of identification before being allowed into the building. This helps to boost security by deterring intruders, criminals, or unauthorized persons from entry.
  • Communication
    You may wish to communicate with a person outside the gate before granting entry. This is important for safety and security and having a gate intercom can offer you such convenience.

A gate intercom is an invaluable device and can provide benefits in other areas aside from security. It enhances comfort and efficiency. Schools, offices, or industries can communicate with all workers or those in certain rooms using intercoms.

To fully enjoy these benefits, you would need a proper installation of your gate intercom for homes or commercial buildings. You can hire a professional and experienced electrician at Secure Tech for gate intercoms installations. We are glad to assist you with our quality installation and electrical services at any time.