Security Systems

Stop Porch Pirates from Stealing Packages

According to José Holguín-Veras, an engineering professor and director of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Freight Systems, about 1.7 million packages are stolen every day in the United States. Yes, a shocking figure, and from all indications these numbers are set to go up as more and more people take […]

Cameras: Security System in 2020

Security is vital in our homes and business places. When you are not home or even at night while you sleep it’s important to equip your home with systems that make it easy to keep an extra eye out. Security cameras have evolved in recent times. They offer more in function alongside convenience and control. […]

Home Intercoms: Security Systems in 2019

An intercom is a device that enables two-way communication. It can be designed to receive audio and video transmissions and is often used as a security system in homes, buildings, and more. Security systems like home intercoms are important for various reasons and come in various types. Read on to learn more. Increased security The […]

Security System Installation & Repair in Valencia, CA

Most people in America are getting used to the idea of having video surveillance cameras watching our every move. It seems like Big Brother is watching us when we shop in stores, when we’re working, and even when we’re driving or stopped at traffic lights. It comes as no surprise then that security cameras are […]