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3 Common Intercom System Repair Issues

Intercom systems in homes or any building for that matter have specific functions that make life easier. They improve security, save time, and are invaluable for when someone needs help in the home or building. Despite their great functions, intercom systems are not without a few setbacks. There are common intercom system repair issues that […]

Intercom Issues: Power

Intercoms are a valuable addition to the home, but when intercom issues such as power come up, they reduce the functionality of the device. Your first thoughts may be to call on an expert or throw the faulty intercom out for a new one. However, simple troubleshooting tips can help you get ahead of the […]

Intercom Noise Problems

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than noise problems from your intercom. Intercoms are invaluable for security and communication. Clearly, you purchased them because you recognized their importance. So, experiencing noise problems can cause worry and stress you out. The thing about such issues is that fixing can go both ways. A good fix can rid […]

Intercom Issues: Noises

Intercoms are great for communicating between spaces. They are straightforward enough and a good investment of your time and money. While intercoms may hardly need maintenance, even those installed by the best technicians can develop an issue or two. One of the most common intercom issues is noise. This noise can occur as static or […]

How Phone Intercom Systems Work

Intercom systems are installed in more homes and buildings each day. They are stand-alone communication systems that are used within a building to transmit or receive audio or video transmissions. Most intercoms are a two-way communication device. The person who speaks into the microphone of an intercom can be heard in another room through a […]