Cameras: Security System in 2020

security cameras in 2020Security is vital in our homes and business places. When you are not home or even at night while you sleep it’s important to equip your home with systems that make it easy to keep an extra eye out. Security cameras have evolved in recent times. They offer more in function alongside convenience and control. With these modern systems, you can receive alerts on your mobile phone when motion is detected. They can also record clearly at night helping you identify any intruders.

When it comes to making the right purchase in cameras and security systems for your home, there can be a lot of options to choose from. This makes it easier to choose wrong either in function or quality. So, we have narrowed it down for you and added a list of factors that matter during your security system purchase.

Our top picks of camera security systems 2020

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is suited for outside your home. It has a 1080 HD quality supported by its 130-degree wide angle lens for adequate and crystal clear view. With this security system, you get notified when someone is outside your home. It uses automated mobile notifications to alert you. Other interesting and useful features are its two-way audio and waterproof quality to last long outdoors.

Lorex Security Camera

This no-nonsense security outdoor camera comes with a 112-degree wide view, 1080 HD for clarity, and a 4K image sensor and 4K video recording. You get to see within at least 200 feet at night with the Lorex security camera. It is also weatherproof and has adjustable sensitivity.

Ring Spotlight Camera

The Ring brand is quite popular in security systems. This camera is an outdoor surveillance device with 1080 HD video for clear viewing. The system connects with a Ring mobile app that can be used to trigger a siren when you feel threatened in your home. Aside from this valuable feature, the system is also waterproof and offers two-way audio.

Swann Bullet Camera

This camera offers 1080 HD video quality with a 102-degree viewing angle. It has a heat sensor feature that enables the system to detect warm signatures that may represent people or cars. It sends mobile alerts as well to notify you of suspicious activity. The system is weatherproof.

Factors to consider during your camera security system purchase.

  • Video quality– The higher the resolution the clearer the image you can receive. 1080 HD is commonly used and easily available. There is higher video quality you can opt for as well.
  • Mobile connectivity– Gone are old times when you couldn’t take your camera with you. Now, modern security systems connect to phones to give you notifications and a full view when you are not home.
  • Record at night– Night is when most of the intruding on your property takes place.  The camera must be able to record at night and give you crystal clear views.
  • Adjustable– Every good camera should be adjustable and provide controls for you to tilt, pan, and zoom from the comfort of your room.