3 Common Intercom System Repair Issues

intercom power issuesIntercom systems in homes or any building for that matter have specific functions that make life easier. They improve security, save time, and are invaluable for when someone needs help in the home or building.

Despite their great functions, intercom systems are not without a few setbacks. There are common intercom system repair issues that owners sometimes have to deal with. Learn more about the 3 major culprits below and how to solve them.

  1. Static

On our list of 3 common intercom system repair issues, static is probably the most common of all. Static can be heard from the microphone or speaker and its causes include;

  • A bad connection developed due to old parts of the intercom system
  • Damage or faults in the intercom system such as a loose wire or bad switch.
  • Power overload or short circuit
  • Interference
  • Poor power connection

While it’s easy to handle static caused by a poor power connection or interference, others will require the expertise of an intercom repair professional. Trying to DIY the problem may only cause further damage. It’s also possible that some causes of static indicate a bigger problem with the system. Your intercom repair professional will inform you if a repair or replacement is the best option.

  1. Power supply failure

A power supply failure can easily translate to your intercom system not working at all. Power failures are part of the bigger problems other issues like static may indicate. Thankfully, power failures don’t just occur at once. They send warning signs at the beginning with either the static or a humming sound. Your intercom repair expert will be able to point this out when they take a look at the system.

  1. Humming noise

Humming sounds from your intercom system can be as annoying as static. Causes of a humming sound often include;

  • An underlying or bigger problem such as power failure
  • Faulty wiring or connection

Some owners try to live with the humming sound or ignore it and this is a wrong and dangerous approach. When the problem gets worse, repairing the intercom system might become impossible. Call an intercom repair professional if you observe these humming sounds.

What you can do

  • Although calling an expert is your best option, there are steps you can take to solve or reduce some of these common issues.
  • Check the troubleshooting guide in your intercom system’s manual for directions on the problem.
  • Check that the power indicator on the system is lit. If it’s not, check the plug. It’s possible the adapter unit may not be plugged in properly or the power socket being used is defective. Change the socket or plug in the adapter unit properly to fix this. If none of this works or the power unit seems okay, loose wiring may be the problem.
  • For dealing with a humming sound, interference from other appliances like dimmers and fluorescent light switches may be to blame. Try switching off the lights or other equipment to eliminate the hum and single out the source.

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