How Phone Intercom Systems Work

Intercom systems are installed in more homes and buildings each day. They are stand-alone communication systems that are used within a building to transmit or receive audio or video transmissions. Most intercoms are a two-way communication device.

The person who speaks into the microphone of an intercom can be heard in another room through a speaker. Intercom systems come in a variety of styles such as audio, integratable and multi-tenant, and video intercoms. The designs also vary and often come with different functionalities.

As a business owner or homeowner, you can choose from any of the following types of intercom systems. The best way to make a decision is discover one that suits your needs.

  • Wired intercoms system
    Being able to run wires between locations can give you privacy and eliminate any interference from nearby systems. There are a variety of wires to choose from for this purpose. A wired system intercom is usually best for video systems
  • Wireless intercom system
    This is very different from wired systems. There are no wires run in between locations, and you can find several forms of wireless systems in use. They include handheld radios, desktop devices, and outdoor wireless call boxes. They can transmit any form of communication, but the range may differ based on the unit. Wireless systems are also quite flexible.
  • Security intercom systems
    The location and purpose of these systems are what makes them different. You will find these intercoms connected between a locked gate or entrance and an attended point of the building. They usually come with one master station and one substation.
  • Video intercom
    This is an intercom system complete with audio (speaker), a camera, a push-button, and an internal monitor. The two-way communication is established via video and voice.
  • Apartment intercoms
    This is common in most apartment buildings. Each apartment is connected to an intercom with a button representing this apartment at the entrance. Hence, when a visitor presses the button for a specific apartment, the tenant can respond and also grant entry with the push of a button on their end.

Connecting a standard telephone to the intercom system

Some homeowners may want to improve on the convenience of their intercom system by connecting a telephone. There are a lot of factors that can affect how this works out for you. For example, you might want more than just being able to speak through the telephone you connected. It will be great to use this phone line to buzz in a visitor as well.

To do this, you need an intercom system that provides the features to make your telephone wiring responsive. If you can consider this before installing an intercom system, you can get what you are looking for. However, an already installed intercom without this feature makes it almost impossible for your dream to come true. Contact professionals in this field for advice on such situations or solutions.
You can talk with us at Secure Tech to learn about all your options.

How to Choose the Best Small Business Telephone System

large office with business phonesEvery business needs a solid communication channel to reach out to its customers, business partners, team, workers, and the world. Regardless of the diverse methods of communication available, a phone system will always be an indispensable requirement. People expect to see an actual phone number on your website or online business page.

Hence, choosing the right phone system is an important decision to make and should not be taken lightly.

Why must you choose wisely?

You would probably be stuck with this phone system for a long time and the wrong choice can lead to both financial and operational setbacks.

Your options

There are several options when it comes to phone systems. They mainly include:

  • VoIP
    VoIP uses the Internet connection already being used by the company. These systems are easy to set up and configure. It’s cheaper than landlines and can be a highly reliable system if your Internet connection works perfectly.
  • Virtual Phone Systems
    Virtual phone systems are software-based solutions that include desktop or mobile apps. They are affordable and easy to use but do not offer the full features of a telephone system. You can opt for this if you have a tight budget and staff deployed in several locations.
  • Landlines
    These are your traditional phone systems set up with copper wiring and usually on the company’s premises. They are reliable and comfortable to use. However, it’s good to know that landlines are costly to set up, maintain, and scale.
  • Cloud and On-premises Systems
    Also known as IP-PBX, these systems involve a connected main server to transmit and receive calls via a traditional landline or the Internet. On-premises systems offer greater control over your communication and cloud systems help to take off the responsibility of managing the PBX

Before you can decide which suits your business, you must consider:

  • Business Set Up
    Are you a new venture or an existing one looking to upgrade the current phone system? A new venture can make use of any phone system but give preference to virtual options that let you take your business with you. If you are an existing company with a physical system already in place and looking to upgrade it, you might want to retain the use of wires and hard phones.
  • Costs
    What is your budget for the phone system? You shouldn’t go for the cheapest option or the most expensive one either. Consider upfront costs such as hardware, installation, and licensing. Then consider the ongoing costs like maintenance, software updates, and hardware replacement.
  • Reliability, Flexibility, and Security
    A reliable phone system is accessible for use anytime and can efficiently accommodate your expected call volume. A flexible system gives you mobility and allows you to downsize or expand when necessary.
  • A secure system is also vital to prevent fraud, malware or loss of personal information.

  • Collaboration and Operation
    Do you need to have conference calls or video calls with business partners? Do your employees work from a remote location, home or local office?

Take the time to consider the best choice and get started with professional assistance. If you still need help to clarify your options and goals, you can reach out to us.

How to Set Up a Small Business Telephone System

office telephoneWhen you are putting together a startup, there are so many things you need to organize. It’s possible to forget an efficient telephone system until the last minute. Setting up a small business telephone system can be easy and stress-free with all the right steps. At Secure Tech, we care about your business and how you can obtain security and efficiency. Here are 7 steps to setting up your business telephone system.

  1. A business number
    First, you need a business number that your customers can call. You should treat this number as a permanent business number because it is unprofessional to switch numbers on your business constantly.
  2. Establish work hours
    It is vital to establish your work hours and set boundaries with your clients. Do not overlook this step and assume that your customers know when to call. For example, an online store serves clients across different time zones and may need to be available 24/7. But if you own a local store, there would be opening and closing hours.
  3. Share the roles
    Every team member should be assigned a specific role to avoid problems and slow service. The team members responsible for receiving calls should know what inquiries they are expected to handle. They should also be trained in responding properly and professionally.
  4. Set a voicemail
    A voicemail or custom greeting message is necessary to welcome clients who call the business number. The message should be recorded with a polite tone, clear language, and suitable points to direct the customer.
  5. Add extensions
    Extensions are important in a business phone system, but may not be compulsory if you have a very small team. Extensions help clients reach out to different departments. You can set up a voicemail for each extension and ensure that other team members know who to send specific calls to.
  6. Set up a phone tree
    A phone tree is useful for both large and small businesses. It helps customers to find the services they need and place a call to the right attendant. The idea behind a phone system is to enhance your customer service and this must be done by making calls go through to the right attendant quickly.
  7. Try the setup
    After putting these factors in place, don’t forget to try it all yourself. Call all the extensions and put yourself in the place of a customer. Check how long it takes to achieve a solution from your team, the clarity of all voicemails, and the overall efficiency of the phone system. Make adjustments where needed and get started.

Do I Need a Residential Gate Access Control System?

gate controlSecurity is a primary issue in homes and some electrical appliances can contribute to improving this. They help to offer convenience and peace of mind.

A residential gate access control system serves as an indispensable resource to ensure safety and security in any home. They are appliances that can be installed at the gate of your home and used to grant entry to people you choose. Many homeowners use this technology but some still don’t. Here are some reasons why you need a residential gate access control system.

  1. Enhance the security of your property
    This is the most important reason why you need such device. The installation of this device helps to deter intruders and restrict the number or type of persons that enter your home. You get to determine who can go in and out. You can sleep at night and go out in the day knowing your children, pets, and property are safe.
  2. Provides a way to monitor traffic and entry records
    These devices are automatic and act as an entry system. They give real-time information which shows you traffic and also reveals who went in and out of your home. Residential gate access control system comes in several designs and capabilities. They can have cameras and identification mechanisms to make this process easier.
  3. Added convenience
    No one can resist the benefit of having your gates open themselves while you remain in your car. You can control the gate using a remote control, fingerprints, password, swipe card, or other means as designed by the appliance’s manufacturers.
  4. Increase the value of your property
    In the likelihood of a sale or purchase, having a residential gate access control system helps to increase the value of the property. It causes the property to be perceived as a modern home with good security and safety. This can help you get a higher price for it.
  5. No need for keys
    A lot of homeowners lose their keys frequently. This can be frustrating when you are standing at the gate and can’t find them. Having this device installed at your gate saves you from all of that. No more days of lost keys.

Now, that you know how important a Residential Gate Access Control System is, the next step is to purchase and install one. Your choice of this appliance depends on what you want and the type of gate you have. At Secure Tech we can provide a consultation on this and also perform the installation. An electrical technician will ensure that the device is properly installed for your convenience and improved security.

How to Use Gate Intercom Keypad

Security is a priority for homes and buildings. Hence, homeowners do a lot to guarantee the safety of their lives and property. Electricity has a large role to play in home security and most residential buildings and commercial setting, need the services of an electrician to experience the benefits of electricity in security. One of the ways electricity enhances safety is through lighting. Outdoor lighting is strategically installed to deter crime in the environment and discourage intruders. Another way is the use of alarm systems, automated security systems, and gate intercoms.

A gate intercom is installed at the gate or entrance of your home. It is used to establish communication with a visitor and grant entry to the building. Gate intercoms are used in any building and are extremely helpful for security. They come in various designs and variation such as those with two-way communication, video, fingerprints, keypads, and much more.

A gate intercom keypad is a set of keys attached to a gate intercom. It enables the owner and other familiar persons to type the password and gain entry even when there’s no one in the building. It adds extra convenience to the flexibility of gate intercoms. The keypad can stand alone or be built in, it is often weatherproof to protect the device function.

Tips for Installation

  • The outside station of the intercom should be sealed for bugs and weather. Use the proper cable and ensure the wiring is installed properly for power to reach the device.
  • Install low voltage wiring for intercoms using correct sizes of cables. Intercoms usually require 2-4 wires for the entire installations.
  • Purchase intercoms that are weather resistant for outdoor use to prevent damage.

Tips for Use

  • Inform your family members about the password and its importance.
  • Tell them how to use the intercom by simply dialing the password to gain access to the building.
  • If the password becomes compromised, it should be changed and the necessary security measures are taken.

Reach Us
You can reach us at Secure Tech for your home intercom installations. We are experienced and professional with such low voltage installations. You are assured of quick completion and an efficient system.

Why Should I Install a Gate With Access Control for my Home?

gate intercom installationAccess control is an enhanced security system that allows someone to control access to a specific area. It exists as a wide range of companies and devices with different capabilities and mode of operations. Security in homes is of top concern because lives and property must be protected from intruders. Some homes have been outfitted with several technologies for security. A gate with access control offers more benefits and flexibility than most of these systems. They are installed by an electrician.

Here are the reasons why you should install this system in your home.

  • Safety first
    The primary reason anyone would want to buy a gate access control system is for security. These devices have three core elements which are identification, authentication, and authorization. In identification, the gate access control does not grant entry to any unauthorized persons. The system provides a way to identify any persons entering the building. After the identification process, the individual’s identity has to be authenticated. This authentication is done using methods such as smart cards, passwords, or fingerprints. When the authentication process is successful, the individual is then authorized to enter the building.

    This procedure guarantees security for your home.

  • Monitor traffic and records of entry to the home
    Who wouldn’t love this convenient option of knowing who was in and out of the home and when? The gate access control systems give you this benefit by providing access to monitor home traffic. The system provides real-time updates.
  • Greater convenience
    You can open your gates and gain access to your home without stepping out of your car or searching for missing keys. Your entry options may include keycards, remote control, swipe cards and much more.
  • Improved property value
    A secure home has more value than others on the market. It can attract higher costs and increase the efficiency of your home. It also gives you peace of mind.
  • Deter intruders
    As part of robust security, the gate access control system is visible to visitors. This helps to deter intruders from attempting to break into the home. It serves as a deterring system to any intruder.

Getting a gate access control system
There are several companies that offer gate access control system devices. The companies use various designs and technologies on the devices. Some devices are wireless while others are not. Some use a telephone or intercom system. A large number use either passwords, cards, or fingerprints. You can consult a professional for advice on which would work best for your home. However, remember to choose based on your preferences and your family’s lifestyle.

Who should install a gate access control system?
An electrical technician can install this system in the home. It is important to set up the devices as required to experience the complete benefits. Some of these systems require a charging source with electricity or solar power. The electrician would help to install any connections needed for an electrical charge. Always hire a professional for the installation.