Security System Installation to Protect Your Home or Business

In this day and age, technology has given us some very cool gadgets that allow us to keep better tabs on our homes and businesses. Being able to prevent a crime or catch a crime on video that makes it much easier to prosecute the perpetrators is one of the many reasons why homeowners and business alike are taking advantage of the installation of a security system. Property crimes are far too easy for bad guys to get away with, but with technology constantly advancing, it is getting a little harder. The team at Secure Tech has everything you need to add a layer of protection to your property.

There are many different elements to security. Obviously, you lock the doors and windows, but what about when you are home? Wouldn’t it be nice to see who is knocking on the door or to know when a burglar or prowler is on the premises? With a security camera, you get to have eyes everywhere. The cameras can be accessed via an app on your smart phone or tablet with many of the systems, which means you can see what is happening, even when you are not there. Installing an intercom that allows you to talk to a person you see on the camera is great for the front door or entry gate. Talk to the person, see what they need and make a decision to grant or deny access.

Along with a solid system of security in place, many of today’s systems give you the option of having your smoke detectors tied in to sound a fire alarm. This will alert the fire department as well as send you an alert of a potential fire in your home or business. Give Secure Tech a call today and schedule a consultation to determine what would work best for you.

Santa Clarita Home Security – The Importance of Warning Decals

There are many simple precautions that you can take against burglars and other intruders, such as alarm systems, strategic lighting, deadblot locks, steel doors and even the application of home security warning decals. Although the other precautions may afford you a certain level of physical security, a warning decal is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of deterrent available. This is because many would-be intruders do not notice your other security measures. They may not realize that you have a deadbolt or a steel door. When placed properly, however, they will see your warning decal and know that you have a security system. This is enough to cause most thieves to choose another target.

You should place your warning decal on a very visible area of your home in order to increase your chances of deterring a criminal and best improving your level of Santa Clarita home security. Your warning decals should be visible from the street, but of high enough quality that they look legitimate from up close. Because most burglars want to minimize their chances of getting caught as much as possible, they will most likely avoid a home that appears to have a security system Santa Clarita. That being said, you should not use a security decal in place of other security precautions such as a dead bolt and proper lighting.

Although you can buy these warning decals at many stores and online retailers, your best bet is to get them from the security company that is installing your security or surveillance Santa Clarita system. Specialists like our team at Secure Tech can educate you in the proper placement, as well as other security concerns that your home may have. Furthermore, this gives you the opportunity to also have a working alarm system that is monitored by a third party security agency, thereby greatly increasing your home’s security.

Valencia Home Security Experts Explain How Your Alarm System Works

On its most basic level, your home security system requires only a power source and a working phone line. Your security system will plug into your electrical system for power and connect to your telephone line to notify the proper place in the event of a security event. Some alarm systems will support a completely unmonitored setup, where preprogrammed phone numbers can be called under certain circumstances. When you choose to have your Valencia home security system monitored, your third party monitoring service will be contacted whenever your security has been breached.

Basic Security
Your alarm control panel is connected to a variety of sensors that are placed throughout your house which are designed to detect a break-in. The most basic type of protection is a magnetic entry detection device. These sensors are made of two magnets that connect to either side of a door or a window. Whenever the door or window is opened, the electromagnetic connection is severed, breaking the circuit. When this happens, a signal is sent to your control panel that this connection is open. If your alarm is armed, then an audible alert will sound and the appropriate authorities will be called. Some alarms are equipped with a chime that will let you know of any opened doors or windows whenever the alarm is not armed.

When installing your security system Valencia, it is important to choose the level of monitoring and security that works best for your home and the area that you live in. At Secure Tech we specialize in installing basic alarm systems, surveillance Valencia systems and all other security related technologies. With the proper technology and high quality support, your home will remain safe and secure whether you are home or not.

San Fernando Valley Home Security – Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

While your home may be a target for break-ins when you are at home, you are at a much greater risk of becoming a target when you are away, especially for an extended period of time. One of the most important things to do while away, in addition to activating your security system San Fernando, is to make your home appear inhabited even though it is not. In order to do this, there are a number of steps that you can take, that will help keep your home from appearing unoccupied, thereby lowering its risk of becoming a target.

Trash and Mail
One clear sign that a home is uninhabitated is a collection of mail, newspapers and trash that has not been taken to the curb for pickup. If you are going to be away for several days, you should either have your mail picked up by a neighbor, or have your service temporarily stopped. Most newspapers and post offices can easily stop your mail and papers from arriving during a specified time so that they do not collect, advertising your absence. Similarly, you should have a neighbor place your trash by the curb at the normal times so that this does not give your home away.

Assorted Tips

  •  Set lights on timers so that they will turn on and off at regular times. You can have them turn on in the morning and off in the evening.
  • If you can, leave one of your cars in the driveway. A car left in the driveway normally signals that somebody is at home.
  • Have your home security or surveillance San Fernando Valley home security system checked before you leave to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

The best case scenario for home safety is to have someone stay at your home while you are away. At Secure Tech, we know that this is not always a possibility. When you are not able to do this, follow the above tips to help keep your home as safe as possible.

Valencia Home Security – How Do Burglar Alarms Work?

Over the years, it has become almost standard to have a Valencia home security system, or burglar alarm installed in your home or business. If you have spent any time looking into this type of system, then you know the wide variety of systems that are available for installation in your home or business. You can install anything from the most basic DIY kit to a professionally installed surveillance and security system. That being said, almost all security system Valencia are built on the same concepts.

Basic Protection

Most home security systems work on a basic system that will sound the alarm whenever a circuit is broken. These circuits are made by using magnets and other connectors on your doors and windows. Your home security panel is designed to detect whenever any of these circuits has been broken, sound an alarm and/or call the appropriate authorities. Although this concept is very simple, it can help detect windows that have been opened or broken, opened doors and many other forms of entry.

Advanced Protection

In addition to basic circuit protection, there are now many more advanced security and surveillance Valencia technologies out on the market today. One of the most popular is motion detection. Motion detection systems are typically used in homes in conjunction with basic door and window entry monitors. Motion detectors serve as a second line of defense in order to protect you against burglars who may be able to circumvent your traditional alarm system.

Another popular advanced security technology is the surveillance system. While your typical surveillance system does not offer much protection against the invasion itself, it can be very important when it comes to catching whoever it was that broke into your home. Surveillance tapes are often used by local authorities to help catch burglars and prevent them from striking again.

At Secure Tech, we offer a wide variety of home security options to help ensure the overall safety of your home and family. For more tips, security information and our contact information, visit

Santa Clarita Home Security – Discouraging Break-ins

One of the greatest inventions in home security was the introduction of the deadbolt in the 1960s. After this much more secure locking mechanism became standard on most exterior doors, residential burglaries dropped dramatically. As technology has advanced, the widespread use of the electronic security system has further helped to lower the amount of break-ins that occur in the United States each year.

Despite the fact that advancements in home security have greatly helped to secure our homes, there are still staggering number of residential burglaries each year. To make matters worse, this type of crime is particularly hard for authorities to track, making it difficult to put the perpetrators behind bars. That being said, there are many things that you can do to greatly lower your chances of being the victim of a break-in. In addition to installing a security system Santa Clarita, think about the simple steps below.

Lock Up

One of the most important steps that you can take is to lock every point of entry to your home. Believe it or not, many break-ins are not the result of a forced entry. In most cases, someone is able to walk, climb or crawl into a home with little or no resistance. To prevent this, make sure that all windows and doors are locked when you leave. Always close your garage door, even if you’re just leaving for a short time. You should also avoid leaving a “hidden” spare key anywhere on the outside of your property. Chances are someone can find it if they are determined enough.

One of the most important parts of securing your home is being aware of all of the possible entry points. By increasing the time it could take a potential burglar to enter your home, you greatly increase their chances of being seen. As a result, you lower your chances of them choosing your home as their next target. If you find that your home is a frequent target of break-in or vandalism, Secure Tech highly recommends that you install a system designed for surveillance Santa Clarita. For more tips, information and advice, visit our site at at your convenience.